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2541 Personal Finance


Algebra 2 with a C or higher

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Mathematical Foundations of Personal Finance is a dynamic 12th-grade math course that seamlessly integrates high-level mathematical concepts with practical financial knowledge. Throughout the semester, students will develop essential mathematical skills while mastering key financial concepts necessary for lifelong financial success. The course empowers students to navigate the intricacies of personal finance by applying mathematical principles to real-world financial scenarios. Students will delve into investment mathematics, using statistical analysis to evaluate investment opportunities and construct diversified portfolios in the stock market. This includes concepts such as probability distributions, regression analysis, and hypothesis testing. They will also learn retirement planning equations, applying algebraic modeling to determine retirement savings goals and optimize contributions to retirement accounts. Algebraic concepts such as exponential growth, logarithmic functions, and geometric sequences will be utilized. Credit score calculations and loan amortization formulas will be explored, enabling students to understand credit scores and develop strategies for credit management while calculating loan payments and devising effective debt repayment strategies. Financial aid projections will utilize algebraic modeling to estimate future student loan payments and plan for repayment after college. Additionally, students will analyze insurance probability using probability theory to assess insurance needs and evaluate coverage options. This involves concepts such as conditional probability, expected value, and risk assessment. Finally, taxation calculations will involve employing financial calculations to compute tax liabilities and optimize tax planning strategies, drawing on concepts such as tax brackets, deductions, and tax credits. Assessment will be multifaceted, encompassing mathematical problem-solving tasks, financial analysis projects, and real-world simulations, ensuring students master both mathematical concepts and personal finance principles. By the course's conclusion, students will emerge with a robust mathematical toolkit and a comprehensive understanding of how mathematical principles drive financial decision-making in the real world, empowering them to navigate complex financial landscapes with confidence and achieve their long-term financial goals.

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United States

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Valencia High School

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27801 Dickason Dr

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In order to determine applicability more details of math concepts taught is needed.

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