Arizona's three public universities review high school courses from Arizona and other locations to determine their equivalency for high school competency requirement for university admission. The below courses have been submitted for review to determine how and if the course can be applied toward a high school competency requirement. You can search for courses by clicking on the following tabs across the top of the page: Approved courses, Deferred courses, Denied courses, Pending courses, Committee review and All courses.

Approved courses - courses approved by Arizona's three public universities and how the courses apply
Deferred courses - courses that require additional information before a decision can be made
Denied courses - courses not approved to apply towards a high school competency
Pending courses - courses waiting to be reviewed (allow two to four weeks for review)
Committee review - courses requiring additional review to determine applicability (allow four to eight weeks for review)
All courses - all courses submitted to website and where they are in the process
Course title District High school Requested competency code Virtual course Expected grade level Country State School city
Physical Science Honors Horizon CLC Honors High School Lab Science No 9th United States Arizona
Physical Science Horizon CLC Honors High School Lab Science No 9th United States Arizona
Accounting Math No 12th United States Washington
Business 101 Horizon CLC Honors High School CTE No 9th United States Arizona