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AP Physics C: Mechanics


AP Physics

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AP Physics C: Mechanics is a semester-long calculus-based physics course designed to be equivalent to an introductory university-level physics course when taken in conjunction with AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism (OP053). In this course; students explore mechanics; including study of kinematics; force; circular motion; momentum; energy; rotation; gravitation; and simple harmonic oscillation. By completing lab work (a combination of at-home labs and virtual labs); students reinforce their understanding of concepts; gain hands-on experimentation experience; and develop their written communication skills. This course prepares students for the AP Physics C Mechanics exam; though the scope of the course is not limited exclusively to the AP curriculum. Prior completion of AP Calculus BC is advantageous but not required.

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United States

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Palo Alto

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Stanford Online High School

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505 South 12th Street

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Lab Science

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