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Biology W/Lab (Apex) Virtual



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Biology 1 focuses on the mastery of basic biological concepts and models while building scientific inquiry skills and exploringthe connections between living things and their environment.The course begins with an introduction to the nature of science and biology; including the major themes of structure andfunction; matter and energy flow; systems; and the interconnectedness of life. Students then apply those themes to thestructure and function of the cell; cellular metabolism; and biogeochemical cycles. Building on this foundation; studentsexplore the connections and interactions between living things by studying genetics; ecosystems and natural selection; andevolution. The course ends with an applied look at human biology.Scientific inquiry skills are embedded in the direct instruction; wherein students learn to ask scientific questions; form andtest hypotheses; and use logic and evidence to draw conclusions about the concepts.Lab activities reinforce critical thinking; writing; and communication skills and help students develop a deeper understandingof the nature of science.

Students will work an average of 1-2 hours per week on laboratory activities.

Lab Activities:

Scientific Method

Enzyme Action: How Clean Is Your Laundry?

Why Are Cells So Small?

Anaerobic Respiration of Yeast

Acid Rain and Brine Shrimp

DNA Fingerprinting


Natural Selection

Bone Comparison

The Effects of Antibiotics

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United States

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Simi Valley

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International Virtual Learning Academy

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1197-C E. Los Angeles Ave. #331

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