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Students must maintain an overall "C" or better - an audition is required for placement in this course.

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Chargerettes ? Varsity PomThis class is solely for students who have auditioned and been accepted onto the Chargerette Varsity Pom team. Students will participate in game performances; concerts; assembly routines and 3-4 competitions including the USA National Dance Championship. In this course students will work dance team technique: jazz pirouettes; a la seconde turns; leaps; and aerials; and will prepare competition and game performance pieces. Competition pieces will cover a variety of dance styles but a focused effort will be made to help students become better performers. All Chargerettes will be required to attend games and sporting events; elaborated in the course syllabus. Students must maintain a ?C? average overall. There will be a booster club fee of approximately $825.00- $900. This includes camp fees; competition uniform fees; competition fees; etc. The booster club fee does not include traveling expenses; therefore the team will be required to fundraise for their trip.

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United States

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Benjamin Franklin High School

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18864 E. Germann Rd.

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Fine Arts

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Chargerettes (Pom Line) is not an approved ABOR-valued fine arts course.

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