Course title

Earth Space Science


Algebra 1 (required), Biology (recommended)

Course description

Earth and space science will be an inquiry-based laboratory†science class that covers a broad range of topics. These will include the following: The evolution of the universe; Earth's place in the universe; Earth's energy systems and humans roll in their†use; how our use of energy contributes to a changing climate; Earth's natural processes; and materials; and how the spheres†of Earth interact to shape our world. We will use inquiry-based labs to master these topics as laid out by the NGSS†state standards of California. Throughout each unit; students will be conducting experiments; creating models; inquiring about the world around them and creating solutions to various challenges†found in our world today. Student's who complete this class will have fulfilled their physical science requirement†as set out by the UC system.†

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United States

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Carlsbad High School

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3557 Lancer Way

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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Online / Virtual