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GPA 2.8 or above

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This is a writing course that prepares the student for the types of communication and thought essential to academic and working-world success. The course focuses on writing as a process and is intended to help students identify and refine their own personal writing. Students will:

∑†Write as a means of discovering and clarifying ideas.∑†Write in many forms?such as essays; reports; articles; and letters.∑†Implement a process approach to writing of generating ideas; drafting; revising; and



editing.∑†Use appropriate writing strategies for varying purposes and audiences.∑†Develop an authentic; personal writing voice and tone appropriate for varying

purposes and audiences.∑†Organize essays which present logical progression and support through introduction;

body; and conclusion.∑†Polish individual writing style by using conventions of standard written English.†∑†Revise writings based on peer; instructor; and sometimes; NICC Writing Center

responses.∑†Reflect on their own writing in order to make necessary revisions and improvements

in content; style; and editing.

COMMENT: This is a concurrent enrollment course. In addition to high school credit; students will earn 3 college credits at NICC. Contact your school counselor and/or the admissions office of the postsecondary institution you plan to attend for more information on the transferability of the credits.

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United States

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Hemptead High School

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3715 Pennsylvania Avenue

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  • ENGL
  • 4 years of English

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