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Practical English

Course description

Course Description

In this course; you?ll strengthen your communication and writing skills. You?ll review parts of speech; grammar; and mechanics and write sentences and paragraphs. You?ll generate ideas and start the writing process. You?ll also learn how to get the most from words and use descriptive words and concrete illustrations to improve your writing and make it enjoyable to read.

You?ll also learn to create personal essays using the writing process and get help with grammar and mechanics; topic suggestions; an overview of plagiarism; and basic formatting rules. You?ll also learn to sort ideas effectively and plan and effectively research a writing project. You?ll locate and use library resources; conduct effective research; and use the CARS test to determine the usability of each source. By ordering your ideas and building an outline; you?ll put your ideas into writing; and you?ll cite your sources using proper citation styles and methods.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course; you'll be able to

  • Construct original sentences and paragraphs
  • Use the writing process to develop writing from prewriting to a final draft
  • Write an original first-person narrative
  • Identify acceptable research types to use for a writing project
  • Outline the process of writing a research paper
  • Determine how and when to properly cite resources

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United States

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Penn Foster High School

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925 Oak Street, SCRANTON, PA

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English must include literature and have a substantial emphasis
on grammar and composition. Courses such as journalism;
business communications; and speech; for example may improve
a student?s ability in English; but they are not devoted exclusively
to the study of English and may not be substituted for a regular
English course.

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