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Environmental Dynamics


Biology & Physical Science

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As a full-year; laboratory-based chemistry course students will utilize the scientific method and laboratory techniques that will allow students to experience first-hand the principles of science throughout the course. This course will also provide writing activities; both lab reports and creative writing; as well as cooperative learning and non-biased critical thinking strategies to enable students to improve their communication skills; to test their understanding of issues and ideas and to sharpen their decision making skills.† This course meets each school day one full periodfor the entire school year.† The emphasis in presenting all material will be to demonstrate the relevance of the material in the daily life of the student and to stimulate critical thinking.

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United States

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Montini Catholic High School

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19W070 16th Street

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Lab Science

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  • LADV
  • Advanced science
  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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Online / Virtual