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Environmental Science


Psychology BA

Course description

The following text is the official course description for Enviornmental Science. This comes directly from Epic charter schools official website. They do not include the course syllabus

This course is designed to introduce students to the history of environmental science in the United States; ecological interactions and succession ; environmental change ; adaptation; and biogeochemical cycles. Students will learn about the importance of environmental science as an interdisciplinary field. They will describe the importance of biodiversity to the survival of organisms; and learn about ecological pyramids . They will discuss the effects of climate change an d explore different types of adaptation . They will describe the steps of the water cycle; and discuss how carbon; oxygen; nitrogen; and phosphorous cycle in the global environment.

Epic Charter Schools. "Plato Curricula".††Sean Ridenour.†June 15; 2015.†

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United States

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Oklahoma City

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Epic Charter School

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1900 Northwest Expy r3, Oklahoma City, OK

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Lab Science

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  • LGEO
  • Geology

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Online / Virtual