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Environmental science



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Environmental science is a captivating and rapidly expanding field, and this course offers compelling lessons that cover many different aspects of the field: ecology, the biosphere, land, forests and soil, water, energy and resources, and societies and policy. Through unique activities and material, high school students connect scientific theory and concepts to current, real-world dilemmas, providing them with opportunities for mastery in each of the segments throughout the semester. Textbook: Environmental Science - Excel Education Systems, Inc. 2023 Course Objectives: Throughout the course, you will meet the following goals: Understand the interrelationships in the natural world. Examine the natural cycles of energy flow and evaluate how human interaction affects these cycles. Model real-world phenomena and determine possible consequences of specific actions. Defend the best choices to protect the environment with changing trends in human demographics. Interpret evidence and communicate scientifically about environmental conditions and hazards. Semester A: Chapter 1: An Introduction to Environmental Science Chapter 2: Understanding Our Environment Chapter 3: Using the Scientific Method and Models Chapter 4: Our Changing Earth Chapter 5: Organization of Living Things Chapter 6: Ecosystems Chapter 7: Biomes Chapter 8: Aquatic Ecosystems Chapter 9: Exploring Populations Chapter 10: Understanding Human Populations Chapter 11: What is Biodiversity? Chapter 12: Water Resources Semester B: Chapter 13: Air and Pollution Chapter 14: Earth's Climate Chapter 15: Land Use and Conservation Chapter 16: Agriculture and Food Chapter 17: Earth's Mineral Resources Chapter 18: Nonrenewable Energy Sources Chapter 19: Renewable Energy Sources Chapter 20: Waste Management Chapter 21: Human Health and The Environment Chapter 22: Politics, Economics, and The Environment

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United States

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Excel High School

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Lab Science

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In order to be reviewed as a laboratory science, we will need a list of physical laboratory experiments completed for this course and number of hours students spend doing laboratory assignments each week.

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