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Financial Algebra


Algebra 2-1 & Algebra 2-2

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This course is designed to prepare students for mathematics they see in the real world.  The emphasis will be on understanding mathematical concepts and their applications with college math preparation concepts included throughout the school year.  Students will utilize Algebra 2 and higher skills to learn the following concepts with an emphasis on personal finance: Equations, functions and graphs, compound interest, loans, geometry, probability and statistics, breakeven analysis with quadratic and linear functions, budgeting, appreciation and depreciation, income tax calculations and simulations, saving for retirement, future value, and investment strategies.  Supplemental concepts include: Buying strategies, paycheck simulation, buying a home, Social Security and Medicare calculations, and employment. A graphing calculator is required for this course.  Successful completion of Algebra 2 is a prerequisite for this course, which satisfies the 4-year math requirement for graduation purposes.

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United States

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Glenview College Preparatory High School

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4386 W Bethany Home Rd

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Personal finance/Consummer finance courses are generally not approved toward ABOR math requirements. Please include information about the curriculums relation to algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, etc.

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