Course title

Financial Algebra


Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II

Course description

Financial Algebra combines algebraic and graphical approaches with practical business and personal finance applications. Since you are earning; spending; saving; and investing now and will be throughout the rest of your life; it?s time to understand finance in mathematical terms and gain confidence in your ability to manage money. Fulfills the NH requirement of a fourth math experience; if taken senior year.

Power Standards:

  • Understands the mathematical concepts behind the stock market
  • Create and analyze a mathematical business model
  • Model and analyze mathematics of different banking accounts and investment accounts
  • Calculate and compare loans and credit cards
  • Apply mathematical models to analyze implications of purchasing and owning a car
  • Calculate and analyze income and deductions from paychecks
  • Calculate and analyze components of taxes
  • Use mathematical concepts to select a housing arrangement
  • Calculate and analyze components of retirement plans
  • Calculate and compare components of a responsible budget

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United States

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New Hampshire

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Conant High School

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3 Conant Way

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In order to determine applicability more details of math concepts taught is needed.

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