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Financial Algebra


Algebra 2

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Please see previous request for a description of the course.Below are how this course relates to these topics:Algebra- Students are asked to complete 2-3 years of algebra prior to this course. To assess budgets; we cover inequalities to see if our budget is too much or too big. We use matrices to budget our money and ensure each component of our life is covered adequately. Students continue to solve for missing variables; work with linear; quadratic; and exponential equations/graphs; and assess what their trajectory networth will be. With Algebra in the course title; we're constantly relating to Algebra.Geometry - As we design businesses; we use geometric figures and terminology to create/analyze logos for businesses. What makes one shape more appealing to another? How do the angles/shapes tie in to a solid business/look & feel?Calculus - With graphing calculators; Excel; and logarithms; we are using methods of approximation to estimate the money needed for future spending; costs; liabilities; and assets. With Calculus as the ultimate method of approximation; we relate the material to the tools discussed and used frequently in any calculus course.

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