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Financial Algebra


Algebra 2

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Financial Algebra is a year-long math class that emphasizes the Algebraic formulas and the thinking behind finance and business decisions. Students will learn about general and personal financial principles in order to prepare them for being wise consumers and to be able to manage their money well. The class will cover topics such as: banking services; investing and the stock market; insurance; taxes; modeling a business; debt and consumer credit; budgeting; and retirement planning. The Algebra 2 skills that are applied in this course are probability; exponential and logarithmic equations; regression; geometric formulas; sequences; compound inequalities; interval notation; piecewise functions; trigonometric functions; statistics; complex roots; operations on matrices; graphing and the use of spreadsheets for data analysis.†

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United States

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305 N 6th St.

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Per ABOR; in order to be considered a math; a course needs to meet the following requirement "Applicants must complete 4 high school credits in collegepreparatory mathematics including algebra I and II; geometry; and culminating in 1 credit in advanced mathematics for which algebra II is a prerequisite. "Policy: course does not include a pre-requisite. Please resubmit with math pre-requisite information included.

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