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Financial Algebra


Algebra 2

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????In Financial Algebra; students re?ne mathematical skills developed in previous courses in the context of ?nancial topics. Mathematical skills include linear and quadratic equations; systems of equations; exponential and logarithmic functions; piecewise functions; descriptive statistics; probability; regression; and correlation. These mathematical skills are modeled through such rigorous topics as stock market; business applications; banking services; retirement planning; preparing a budget; and consumer credit.

†Algebra is in the course name so we use all of the algebra skills previously acquired. Geometry†is covered in Algebra 2 which is a prerequisite for this course. Select Geometry topics come up when we?re designing a business plan/logo

†We look at summations; log; and ln functions that come up in Trig/Pre-Calc/Calc.

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Financial Math courses are generally not approved toward ABOR math requirements. Please include information about the curriculums relation to algebra; geometry; trigonometry; calculus; etc.

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