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Financial Algebra


Alg 1 and Geometry

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Algebra†Financial†focuses on real-world financial literacy; personal finance; and business subjects. Students apply what they learned in Algebra 1 and Geometry to topics including personal income; taxes; checking and savings accounts; credit; loans and payments; car leasing and purchasing; home mortgages; stocks; insurance; and retirement planning.††

The course is designed to develop a strong foundation in logical thinking and problem solving that will enable students to make informed decisions regarding matters of money and finance in their daily lives.

†Students then extend their investigations using more advanced mathematics; such as systems of equations (when studying cost and profit issues) and exponential functions (when calculating interest problems).

The Text for the course is:Financial Algebra; Student Edition; 1st EditionRobert K. Gerver North Shore High School; Long Island; New YorkRichard J. Sgroi Bedford Central School District; Bedford; New York (Retired)ISBN-10: 0538449675 | ISBN-13: 9780538449670

This same course is already approved for Colorado River Union High School District #2; another school in our area.† We are hoping you will approver ours as well.

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United States

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625 Marina Blvd

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  • MTH1
  • 4 years of Math

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