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Financial Literacy


Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra I and Geometry; Special Requirements: It is suggested that students take this course after completion of Algebra II or concurrently with Algebra II.

Course description

Financial Literacy as a mathematics course satisfies the fourth-year mathematics requirement and is designed to apply algebra; geometry and consumer topics to real life. The student gains an understanding of finance in mathematical terms and gains confidence 51 in his/her ability to manage money as it pertains to his/her personal life. Topics include; but are not limited to; saving and investing; banking and other financial services; credit and debt; income taxes; insurance and risk management; money management; and planning for retirement. The student acquires the consumer skills necessary to function productively and responsibly as he/she embarks on a new life that prepares him/her for a career; post graduate studies; the world of work; and independent living. Literacy and technology skills are integrated throughout the course. The skills and knowledge gained through this course can be applied to any career cluster as they are life skills that can ensure a student?s success in daily activities that require crucial decisions that affect him/her personally. Non-NCAA compliant.

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United States

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New Mexico

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7801 Wilshire Ave NE

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Per ABOR; in order to be considered a math; a course needs to meet the following requirement "Applicants must complete 4 high school credits in college
preparatory mathematics including algebra i and ii; geometry; and culminating in 1 credit in advanced mathematics for which algebra ii is a prerequisite."


This course does not include Algebra 2 as pre-requisite and doesn't include a significant amount of math topics.

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