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Financial Literacy


Algebra 2

Course description

Faculty Information:

Instructor:  Rebecca Holub                    

Phone Number:  520-568-8100 ext. 4092

E-mail Address:

Room:  185


Course Pre-requisite:Successful completion of Algebra II


Course Description:

The Financial Literacy Course is designed for junior and senior students and aligns with The National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education; in addition to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards for Math. The implementation of the ideas; concepts; knowledge; and decision-making skills they must apply and use to become wise and knowledgeable consumers; savers; investors; users of credit; money managers; citizens; and members of a global workforce and society. The Financial Literacy Course will incorporate concepts and skills from math practices; language arts; social studies; applied technology; character education; and applied service learning.


Course Concepts:

By the end of the course students will:

  1. Be informed and prepared to be prudent managers of financial resources; enabling them to achieve long- and short-term financial goals and security.

2.    Be engaged in establishing career goals that will provide adequate income and personal fulfillment.

3.    Demonstrate an understanding of personal financial planning and sound money management skills.

4.    Actively participate in and understand management of personal savings and investments.

5.    Accept responsibility for and understand personal and societal consequences of financial decisions



The following items are recommended

  • Three-ring binder (at least 1.5 inches thick)


  • 5-8 dividers
  • Pencils; pens and erasers
  • Scientific calculator (TI-35 or higher recommended) *NO PHONES WILL BE ALLOWED*
  • Loose leaf or notebook paper
  • Color pencils or highlighters



1)       Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

The use of cell phones; earphones; iPods; laptops; or any similar electornic device without prior permission is prohibited in class. All devices must be turned off and not visible. If they are used; visible; ring and/or vibrate during class time it will be confiscated and given to the front office. Upon the third offense during the school year; the student will receive a referral for disciplinary action.  Refusal to surrender device upon request will result in an immediate referral.



2)       Absences and Late Assignments

  1. a.        Absences are an interruption to your education and should be avoided as much as possible. However; if you must be absent remember that class continues without you. You are responsible for getting the notes and assignments and completing any assignments. This will keep you from falling behind in class. Extra print copies will be available for students who may not have internet access.
  2. If you are absent on the day an assignment is due; it will be due immediately upon your return to class. Late work will be accepted until the day of the Chapter Test.
  3. If you are absent on the day an assignment is given you have one day for every day that you are absent to make up the work. Example: If you are absent on Monday but return to school on Tuesday; your assignment will be due on Wednesday; in addition to any work that is assigned on Tuesday.
  4. Please write “ABSENT” on the top of your assignment along with its original due date; so that I know the assignment is not being turned in late; and place assignment in the “In Box.”
  5. If you’re absent the day prior to an assessment; you will take the assessment the same day as everyone else.
  6. If you’re absent the day of an assessment; you have one week to make up missed exams or quizzes; otherwise they remain a zero – it is your responsibility to schedule the make-up time within the week allotted. Make up exams/quizzes may not be scheduled during regular class time and must be made up before/after school or during your lunch period. You will need to make an appointment.



3)       Tardies

  1. Students must be in their seats when the tardy bell rings or they will be considered tardy.  
  2. All tardies will be recorded and are subject to disciplinary action per school policy.


4)       Dismissal

  1. I WILL DISMISS YOU. The bell is just there to let you know that it is time to leave class.
  2. Expect to work from bell to bell. You will not leave your seats and line up at the door before the bell rings.
  3. Attempting to line up at the door prior to the bell will result in the loss of class participation points for that day.
  4. When the classroom is quiet and clean; the class will be dismissed.

5)       Drinks; Candy; Chips/Food and Gum

  1. You are not allowed to have any open containers of food or drink in my classroom (water is the only exception).


6)       Assignments and Due Dates

  1. Practice work will be assigned every time you come to class (with very few exceptions). All assignments must be neat; complete; and turned in on time. Work that is sloppy or unreadable may result in a loss of credit.
  2. You are expected to be working on material for this class only during class time.  If I see you working on something for another class; I will confiscate the assignment and give it to the teacher who assigned it to be completed during their class time.
  3. Assignments are DUE AT THE END OF CLASS unless another date is given at the time of the assignment. 
  1. Make sure to have the assignment/date written along the top line; along with your first and last name in the top right corner; otherwise credit may not be given.
  2. Assignments turned in with no name will be placed on the whiteboard for 1 week.  Assignments not claimed in that time will be thrown away.
  3. Any assignment turned in late will be subject to a 50% penalty. Late work will only be accepted until the test /quiz for that unit.


7)       Tests and Quizzes        

  1. Tests and quizzes will always be announced beforehand and are shown on the course calendar. It is up to you to make sure you STUDY all material.
  1. Students may do test corrections to earn back partial credit on any regular test/quiz; in which notes were not used. This does not apply to district assessments or benchmarks. In order to earn partial credit for missed questions students MUST:
    1. Have completed all assignments for the unit being assessed.
    2. Make corrections to the test using the test correction form as follows:

                                                                i.      A sentence or two stating where and/or why the student made the error in the problem.

                                                              ii.      Redo the work for the problem/question with the correct solution.

                                                             iii.      Work must be shown on the missed questions; when applicable.

  1. The grade book score will be adjusted following completion of the test corrections.
  2. All test corrections must be completed within one week from when the test is returned to the students. Test Corrections must be scheduled outside of regular class time.


8)       Cheating

  1. Cheating/copying of any sort will not be tolerated and will result in a ZERO (0) for that assignment/assessment.
  2. If you allow someone to copy your assignment; you will also receive a ZERO for that assignment.
  1. Students will receive a discipline referral for academic dishonesty and will not be allowed to make up the assignment.


9)       Math Tutoring and Homework Help

  1. If students are struggling with a assignments; concepts; or have questions regarding the course; I am available before school for tutoring by appointment.If you are planning on coming in before school please make sure to let me know ahead of time as I may have meetings and other commitments. Tutoring days are on Monday; Tuesday; Thursday; and Friday from 2:30-3:00.





  1. Synergy will be updated weekly. It is the sole responsibility of each student to stay up to date.
  2. Any discrepancies should be brought to my attention as soon as possible.
  1. Parents can access their child’s grades and assignments by going to the school’s website and clicking on ParentVue/StudentVue on the quick links bar (right side of the page). Information is only accessible by using an individualized password assigned by the school.  Parents may contact the school office for password information.



The grading policy for the class is as follows:

Tests; quizzes; projects and other Assessments:


Assignments; Class Participation; Bell Work

Notebook Checks; etc.


Final Exam:









The grading scale is as follows:

90% - 100%



80% - 89%



70% - 79%



60% - 69%



Below 60 %






Students are expected to know and comply with ALL Maricopa High School regulations in the student handbook; as these rules; polices; and procedures will be followed in class. Students are also asked to:


Be Respectful

  • Teachers have the right to teach. Students have the right to learn. No one has the right to interfere.
  • I expect students to be quietly and actively listening and taking notes whenever I am explaining new material or answering questions; as well as when classmates are presenting material.
  • Use only language that builds others up; not tears them down. Students have a right to be in classroom where they feel safe to voice their opinions and questions without the risk of verbal humiliation from their peers.
  • NO PROFANITY or RACIAL SLURS will be tolerated.
  • Keep hands; feet; and objects to yourself. If something does not belong to you; don‚Äôt touch it.


Be Prepared                                                                                                                                                          

  • Come to class ready to learn.
  • Bring all materials necessary for your success in class.
  • Never settle for anything less than your best.
  • Strive to learn something new each day.



All of your teachers believe that you are able to make good choices and can be trusted to follow the rules and guidelines set up by the school. It is your responsibility to show good character and follow the expectation and procedures listed in this handout. You are responsible for your actions and your actions have consequences; good AND bad. Think before you act!


Some of the positive consequences you will receive for following procedures and expectations are: Verbal praise; positive phone calls home; etc. Listed below are the negative consequences should you CHOOSE to break a rule or CHOOSE to be disrespectful:


1st Offense:

Verbal reminder of the class rule.

2nd Offense:

Time out in another class from immediate activity for a specified length of time. Parents will be contacted regarding behavior.

3rd Offense:

Office referral


More severe offenses such as fighting; stealing; or other safety issues will be immediately referred to the school administration.



* Ms. Holub reserves the right to modify any and all portions of the syllabus to improve the instructional and learning processes throughout the year. Student will be notified in writing if any modifications are made.*


**Keep this syllabus in your notebook for future reference*


Please sign and return to Ms. Holub by Friday; July 27th – this will be recorded in the gradebook


I have read and understand these guidelines and what is expected of me in class.  I will abide by these guidelines to the best of my ability.  If I have questions at any time; I will contact Ms. Holub to discuss.


_______________________________________________________              Print Name _______________________________________________________             ______________________ Student Signature                                                                                              Date I have read and understand these guidelines and what is expected of my student in class.  I will help my student abide by these guidelines to the best of my ability.  If I have questions at any time; I will contact Ms. Holub to discuss.




Print Parent/Guardian Name _______________________________________________________             ______________________ Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                    Date



_________________________________________                                 ______________________________________

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Please indicate if your student has access to the following items at home:


_____   Computer

_____   Internet

_____   Smartphone

School country

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School state


School city


School / district Address

45012 W Honeycutt Ave

School zip code


Requested competency code


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Denied date

Denied reason

Class is a consumer math course; not a college preparatory math course. Does not describe mathemathical topics in description provided. Not approved as math competency.

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