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Financial Math Strategies


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Financial Math Strategies is designed to deliver targeted support to students who need improvement in computational; arithmetic and algebraic skills from prior courses. This course also supports improvement in academic vocabulary.† Financial Math Strategies builds upon standards taught in Intermediate Algebra to reach 4th-year financial math standards; but with greater support of foundational skills.† Financial Math Strategies alsoprovides an increased time with high leverage standards to support success on end of course exams; as well as a student?s post-secondary transition plan.

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United States

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El Mirage

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Per ABOR; in order to be considered a math; a course needs to meet the following requirement "Applicants must complete 4 high school credits in collegepreparatory mathematics including algebra i and ii; geometry; and culminating in 1 credit in advanced mathematics for which algebra ii is a prerequisite."Policy: course does not include a pre-requisite. Please resubmit with math pre-requisite information included.

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