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Foundations in Language and Literature: Literary Analysis



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This course is a highly structured program designed to allow scholars to build upon their previous academic skills and knowledge to further expand their skills from Foundations in Language and Literature: Comprehension. Scholars will continue to expand their critical thinking skills and develop their literacy skills. This course allows scholars to read, discuss, and analyze literary and non-literary texts investigating how authors relate textual elements such as characters, plot, and central ideas within a text. Scholars will also focus on an author's word choice in order to observe how the author expresses their ideas and perspectives in order to advance the scholar’s individual ability to express their own ideas and perspectives. Scholars will learn foundational skills to complete inquiry based research. Using these skills, scholars will participate in an individual research assignment. Scholars will also learn and practice narrative writing techniques as they analyze author techniques. Scholars will demonstrate their learning through scholar-led-discussions and writing assignments/assessments requiring citations, references, and formatting.

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United States

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Odyssey Institute of Advanced and International Studies

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1495 S Verrado Way

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"In order to be reviewed as a English, we will need more details on the English components / assignments covered in this course."

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