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Foundations in Language and Literature: Methods and Tools



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This course is a highly structured program designed to allow scholars to build upon their previous academic skills and knowledge to further expand their skills. This course studies a variety of short stories, novels, plays, and poetry. Scholars are encouraged to read additional novels outside of the classroom. Scholars will focus on literary skills by focusing on a variety of strategies and using multiple modalities of learning to support basic reading skills, building reading comprehension, and vocabulary development. Foundational Writing skills will be addressed using a variety of strategies to support basic writing development to include grammar, mechanics, and word usage through writing personal narratives, persuasive writing, and poetry. Scholars will participate in character studies and literary interpretations. A variety of essential research skills and speaking and listening skills will be studied. Class activities include group discussions, oral presentations, and collaborative exercises.

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United States

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Odyssey Institute of Advanced and International Studies

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1495 S Verrado Way

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In order to be reviewed as a English, we will need more details on the English components / assignments covered in this course.

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