Health and Society

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Health and Society
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BIOLOGY PC2000 Health and Society CIP:260101 Biology/BiologicalSciences, General. CL-L-U-CA-UDC: 3-0-6-3-3.5 Discipline: Sciences School: High School Academic Department: Sciences High School Programs: 2 PBB14,2 PBI14,2 PTM14,2 PTI14 Prerequisites: ( PC1004) Equivalences: PC2006 Courseintention within thegeneral study plan context: Basic naturalsciencecourse.Students need to havea notion of the bases of naturalscienceat intermediatelevel.Exit competenciesstrengthened or developed in thiscourse:Students will understand and appreciatescientific workasan instrument of progressand innovation; formulateappropriate,relevant questionsthat willenablethemto understand a phenomenon from diverseapproaches;reflect on theimportance of integral healthcareand assessat-risk habitsand behaviors personallyand socially.Learning outcome:Students willcreatea personal plan to improvetheir health and writereports on activitiesand practices, which can beincluded in their personal portfolio. Course objective: Students will reflect on theimportance of integral healthcareand assessat-risk habitsand behaviors, founded on scientific rationale, by understandingtheconcepts of health and knowledge,and valuingtheir bodies. Coursetopicsand subtopics: Specific learning objectives by topic: Suggested methodologiesand learningtechniques: Teachingand learningtecniques: Collaborativelearning Estimated timing per topic: Suggested evaluation policies: Suggested Bibliography: TEXT BOOKS: *SylviaS.Mader... [etal.]., Inquiry into life,13th ed., New York, NY:McGraw Hill,2011, 9780071220385 * Audesirk,Teresa. , Gerald Audesirk, BruceE. Byers., Biology : life on Earth,9th ed.,San Francisco, Calif. ;México : Benjamin Cummings,2011, 0321561619,0321598474,9780321561619(Professionalcopy),9780321598479(Studentedition) *Starr, Cecie. ,Christine A.Evers,LisaStarr., Biology : todayand tomorrow with physiology,4th Ed., Belmont, CA : Brooks/Cole, CengageLearning,2013, 1133590551(ed. internacional),9781133590552(ed. internacional) Support material: Academic credentialsrequired to teach thecourse: (260101)Bachelorin Biology/BiologicalSciencesand (140501)Bachelorin Biomedical/MedicalEngineeringand (400501)Bachelorin Chemistryand (260101)Master Degreein Biology/BiologicalSciencesand (140501)Master Degreein Biomedical/Medical Engineeringand (400501)Master Degreein Chemistry CIP:260101,140501,40050

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Multicultural High School
Tecnologico de Monterrey
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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

In order to be reviewed as a laboratory science, we will need a list of physical laboratory experiments completed for this course and number of hours students spend doing laboratory assignments each week.

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