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Honors Chemistry



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Honors Chemistry is a year-long seminar-style course that introduces the fundamental language; ideas and tools used in the study of chemistry. This advanced introductory high school chemistry course covers key topics such as chemical nomenclature; stoichiometry; the periodic table; chemical bonding; equilibrium; kinetics; thermodynamics; nuclear chemistry; and common laboratory practices. Emphasis is placed on the use of chemistry in the natural world; the physical world and our daily lives. The course fosters skills necessary to describe chemical processes and behaviors and to solve numerical and verbal problems in chemistry. Through both at-home and virtual lab work; students learn useful chemistry laboratory techniques; gain the ability to formulate experimental questions; design scientific experiments; effectively articulate scientific findings; conduct error and statistical analysis; and strengthen understanding of course material. Upon completion; students will have a solid foundation in chemistry and will be prepared for AP Biology; AP Chemistry; and college-level chemistry courses.

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United States

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Palo Alto

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Stanford Online High School

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Lab Science

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