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Honors Physics


Prerequisite: Geometry, Chemistry Co-requisite: Algebra II

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Experience Physics by Pearson MyLab edition 2022 puts the focus on the student experience. This modern physics curriculum implements a learning model that organizes learning around phenomena giving students an authentic, real-world experience.  This curriculum is a wealth of interactive content; the Student eTexts, virtual labs, videos, and assessment tools are all in one location.  


This advanced course surveys many key areas of physics: forces, energy, waves and electromagnetic fields, fluid and thermodynamics, nuclear and particle physics, radioactivity, relativity, cosmology, and astrophysics. The course also introduces students to modern physics topics such as: semiconductor science, quantum field theory, and dark matter/energy. Additional honors assignments include discussions, research papers, PhET simulations and virtual laboratories. The course provides a solid foundation for moving on to more advanced college physics courses.

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United States

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South Daytona

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On Track School

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1845 South Palmetto Ave.

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Lab Science

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