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Honors Physics:



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Honors Physics is a year-long seminar-style course that introduces the fundamental language; ideas and tools used in the study of physics. This advanced introductory high school physics course covers key topics such as kinematics (displacement; velocity; acceleration; vectors); dynamics (inertia; momentum; force; Newton?s laws; kinetic and potential energy); wave phenomena; electric fields and forces; magnetism; and sound. Emphasis will be placed on introducing and developing those concepts; skills; and methods necessary to excel in physics; thus providing the foundation for more advanced study of physics. Through both at-home and virtual lab work; students learn useful experimental techniques; gain the ability to formulate experimental questions; design scientific experiments; effectively articulate scientific findings; and strengthen understanding of course material. Prior completion of Honors Intermediate Algebra (OM012) is advantageous but not required. After completing Honors Physics; students will have a solid physics foundation and will be prepared for AP Physics C contingent on preparation in mathematics.

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United States

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Palo Alto

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Stanford Online High School

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505 South 12th Street

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Lab Science

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