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IB Spanish ab initio SL 11



Course description

This is the 1st year of a 2-year course and is†designed to provide students with the necessary skills and intercultural understanding to enable them to communicate successfully in an environment where the language studied is spoken. Offered at SL only; language ab initio is a language acquisition course designed for students with no previous experience in?or very little exposure to the target language. Language ab initio students develop their receptive; productive and interactive skills while learning to communicate in the target language in familiar and unfamiliar contexts. Students develop the ability to communicate through the study of language; themes and texts. There are five prescribed themes: identities; experiences; human ingenuity; social organization and sharing the planet. While the themes are common to both language ab initio and language B; the language ab initio syllabus additionally prescribes four topics for each of the five themes; for a total of 20 topics that must be addressed over the two years of the course.

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United States

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Coconino High School

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2801 Izabel St.

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Foreign Language

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  • LNG2
  • 2nd year of Foreign Language

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Online / Virtual