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Prerequisites: Successful completion of Math 1 or Math 1A and Math 1B

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Math 2Grade Levels: 10-12Meets UC/CSU A-G and NCAA requirementsPrerequisites: Successful completion of Math 1 or Math 1A and Math 1BMathematics 2 is the second course of a three course integrated sequence as described in the CCSSM. As per theCCSSM; the overall focus of the course is on quadratic expressions; equations; and functions; comparing theircharacteristics and behavior to those of linear and exponential relationships from Mathematics 1 as organizedinto 6 critical areas; or units. The need for extending the set of rational numbers arises and real and complexnumbers are introduced so that all quadratic equations can be solved. The link between probability and data isexplored through conditional probability and counting methods; including their use in making and evaluatingdecisions. The study of similarity leads to an understanding of right triangle trigonometry and connects toquadratics through Pythagorean relationships. Circles; with their quadratic algebraic representations; will roundout the course.

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33000 Yucaipa Blvd.

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  • MTH2
  • 4 years of Math

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