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This course introduces the basic principles of physical science with an emphasis on chemistry and physics. The state EOC is required and will count as 25% of the final grade. The student must score a level III or IV on the EOC test in order to receive credit for the course. These courses covers 6 competency goals and are:

Competency Goal I: The learner will develop abilities necessary to do and understand scientific inquiry. The objectives are an integral part of each of the other goals. In order to measure and investigate scientific phenomena, students must be given the opportunity to design and conduct their own investigations in a safe laboratory.

Competency Goal II: The learner will construct an understanding of forces and motion. Measure and mathematically/graphically analyze motion. Frame of reference (all motion is relative-there is no motionless frame), uniform motion, acceleration.

Competency Goal III: The learner will analyze energy and its conservation. Investigate and analyze storage of energy: Kinetic energy, gravitational, chemical, electrical, elastic, nuclear, and thermal. Investigate and analyze transfer of energy by work: Force, Distance, and Transfer of energy by Heat.

Competency Goal IV: The learner will analyze energy and its conservation. Objective to investigate and analyze the transfer of energy by waves: amplitude, frequency, period, wavelength, velocity of propagation, mechanical, sound, electromagnetic waves. Includes the investigation of static electricity, direct current electrical circuits (Ohm's Law, Series circuits, Parallel circuits). Investigate and analyze magnetism and the characteristics of magnets.

Competency Goal 5: The learner will build an understanding of the structure and properties of matter. Dalton's atomic theory, J.J. Thomson's model of the atom, Rutherford's gold foil experiment, Bohr's planetary model, Electron cloud model. Examine the nature of the atomic structure and identify substances through the investigation of physical properties.

Competency Goal 6: The learner will build an understanding of regularities in chemistry. Objectives are: Analyze the periodic trends in the physical and chemical properties of elements; investigate and analyze the information and nomenclature of simple inorganic compounds; identify the reactants and products of chemical reactions and balance simple equations of various types; measure and analyze the indicators of chemical change, properties, and composition of solutions; describe and explain radioactivity and its practical applications as an alternative energy source.
Laboratory experiments for each goal.

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