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Physical Science: Part 2 Virtual



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This course will introduce you to concepts that affect your daily life; including applications and devices you encounter throughout your day. You?ll review various types and properties of bodies in motion; how things move; the rate at which they move; and items affecting their motion. You?ll learn how to describe these properties and relationships through both text and calculations. You?ll also explore properties and sources of heat; temperature changes; and modes of transmission. You?ll be tasked with calculating unknown variables for heat-related problems and investigating heat-related substances and devices; such as engines. You?ll better understand musical sounds and how sound waves work. You?ll also be able to classify matter while looking at laws that govern how matter interacts. The technology and products you use every day result from nuclear and organic chemistry. You?ll review the development and properties of electricity; magnetism; currents; and circuitry. Students are given an opportunity to identify core concepts through the reading material and then apply that knowledge in review activities. Comprehension will be assessed through formative activities and multiple-choice exams.

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United States

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Ashworth/James Madison High School

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5051 Peachtree Corners Cir #200

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Lab Science

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In order to be reviewed as a laboratory science; we will need a list of physical laboratory experiments completed for this course and number of hours students spend doing laboratory assignments each week.

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