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practical English



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Course Description

This course will help you master language; the basic tool of communication. This course provides a detailed look at the eight parts of speech and ways to expand your vocabulary by using a dictionary and thesaurus. You?ll become a better writer by using the eight basic parts of speech to construct a sentence. You?ll study phrases and clauses; basic types of sentence construction; common errors in sentence construction; punctuation and sentence structure; and sentence style. This course will also clear up some common misconceptions about writing. You?ll study each stage of the writing process and learn specific details of what makes a paragraph; such as topic sentences; unity; coherence; structure; and length. By the end of this course; you?ll be able to build coherent paragraphs for compositions; creative writing; and factual writing; such as business letters; emails; and reports.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course; you'll be able to

  • Organize parts of speech to communicate
  • Explain word usage and how it effects sentence construction
  • Construct a sentence
  • Develop ideas into writing using the writing process
  • Compare compositions; creative writing; and factual writing

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United States

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Penn Foster High School

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925 Oak Street, SCRANTON, PA

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English must include literature and have a substantial emphasis
on grammar and composition. Courses such as journalism;
business communications; and speech; for example may improve
a student?s ability in English; but they are not devoted exclusively
to the study of English and may not be substituted for a regular
English course.

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