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Public Speaking



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This course is designed to improve students communication skills and to develop self confidence in group interaction. During the semester, a wide range of activities is covered. Basic speech skills including organization, audience analysis, effective delivery presentation, and speech preparation are learned primarily through practice with informative speeches drawn from students experience and knowledge. Both extemporaneous impromptu and prepared speeches will be made. This course will actively address the need for reducing or modifying student fears associated with speaking in public. Student listening strategies will be addressed with ongoing emphasis. This course meets public speaking requirement.

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United States

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Niles North High School

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7700 Gross Point Rd

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Per ABOR Requirement: "English must include literature and have a substantial emphasis on grammar and composition. Courses such as journalism, business communications, and speech, for example may improve a student’s ability in English, but they are not devoted exclusively to the study of English and may not be substituted for a regular English course."

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