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Public Speaking & Communicaiton



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Public Speaking & Communication is an elective that fulfills anEnglish requirement. This course is an introduction to speechcommunications with a focus on freedom of speech; group andinterpersonal communication; and formal public speaking. Studentswill research; prepare; and give a variety of timed formal speeches.As a blended course; students will work on a variety of choiceprojects in small and large group settings. These projects include;but are not limited to; performing in skits; designing and producinga podcast; participating in group communication exercises; leadinga team meeting; and managing miscommunication and conflict.Additionally; students will increase their competence in email anddigital communication. This class is for all levels of communicatorsand provides an excellent opportunity for students to buildconfidence in lifetime communication skills needed for personal;social; and work settings.

**This course shows on our transcript as Speech

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United States

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795 Old Crystal Bay Rd N Long Lake, MN

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Per ABOR Requirement: "English must include literature and have a substantial emphasis on grammar and composition. Courses such as journalism; business communications; and speech; for example may improve a student?s ability in English; but they are not devoted exclusively to the study of English and may not be substituted for a regular English course."

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