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PVOnline Chemistry



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Chemistry is an exciting subject that explores the structure and interactions of matter and energy. What matter is made of; how matter is organized; how matter behaves; how matter interacts; and the energy changes during these interactions. These questions and more will be answered as you are introduced to the world around you through the eyes of a chemist. By learning the language of chemistry and it?s basic principles you will be better able to understand how the world around you works. From cooking; eating; and digesting your food to fireworks celebrations to household cleaning supplies; chemistry is all around you.

Course FormatThis class is delivered and conducted entirely online. Students will receive reading assignments; submit assignments; participate in discussions; and take exams all online using the MOODLE course delivery platform. This requires a computer with a reliable Internet connection.

Lessons vary and may contain readings; application activities; discussion boards; comprehension checks; case studies; and webquests.

Because this is an online; self paced course you will have to focus on how you schedule your time. Here are some suggestions to help you succeed.? Be sure to review the requirements of each lesson before you begin.? Determine how long it should take to complete.? Create a plan that will allow you to complete the lesson on time.? Work a little bit each day so you don?t leave the entire lesson until the last minute.? Complete all of the assignments and tutorials before taking the tests.? Try to find someone else that is taking the class so you can help each other.? Ask your instructor questions when you don?t understand something.

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pvONLINE High School

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Lab Science

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In order to be reviewed as a laboratory science; we will need a list of physical laboratory experiments completed for this course and number of hours students spend doing laboratory assignments each week.

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