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Quantitative Reasoning


Completion of Algebra 2 (or concurrent enrollment with Algebra 2)

Course description

Units of study will include applications of large numbers in the context of the real world (comparing professional baseball salary to college tuition; US deficit; etc.).  Students will understand the difference between accuracy and precision; absolute vs. relative error; and understand units in context (and the misuse of units in media).   Constant rate of change; linear and exponential regressions; and growth models (specifically population growth and economic growth) will be discussed.  Studies in statistics will include observational and experimental studies; correlation vs. causation; and the bell curve.  The final unit of the year will include graph theory; GPS mapping; and a graph theory project.

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United States

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2505 E. Germann Road

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  • MTH3
  • 4 years of Math

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Online / Virtual