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Rehumanizing Mathematics


Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra with Trig

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Rehumanizing Mathematics moves away from algebra-based Math and encourages students to think more broadly, to develop critical thinking about what Math is and how it fits in the world around us. In the first semester students will engage in a variety of disciplines, including: Ethnomathematics, History of math, Philosophy, Education, Problem-solving, and Modeling. The class will regularly welcome guests who use math in their daily lives, both in and out of work. Students will work in a local middle school, supporting the learning of younger children as well as critically reflecting on the education system they are experiencing. In the second semester each student will carry out novel and independent research on a particular facet of the broad study of Mathematics that they are particularly fascinated by. One possible outcome could be a student-curated journal, containing each student’s dissertation.

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United States

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Lincoln Park High School

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2001 North Orchard St.

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In order to determine applicability more details of math concepts taught is needed.

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