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Sci Academy 1



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Advancements in science and technology are changing the way we live. In order to meet the growing demand for scientifically literate graduates, the state and nation have cv we created a new model for science education: “All Students, All Science”. The Science Academy at PRHS will engage students in all four disciplines of science (Earth, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) in 3 consecutive courses. In Science Academy 1, students will be engaged in lessons that range from the chemistry inside our bodies to studying distant stars and exoplanets. Engineering challenges require students to design and build solar efficient model homes the goal of this course to allow students to interact with science and to catch the excitement this field has to offer.

Science Academy 1 - Lab hours


1. Intro to Science

Practicing Measurements (Crickets): 55 minutes

Rainbow Liquid Dilution Lab:55 minutes

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Data Lab: 55 minutes

Metric System Measurements Lab: 55 minutes

Total Time: 220 minutes

2. History of the Universe:

Spectroscopes and Starlight Lab: 100 minutes

Refraction and Speed of Light through Different Media: 100 minutes

Expanding Universe Balloon Lab: 100 minutes

Nuclear Fusion via Mini Marshmallows Lab: 100 minutes

Total time: 400 minutes

3. History of the Earth

Radioactive Decay Lab (pennies): 55 minutes

Craters on Earth Lab (balls in flour): 55 minutes

Earth's Convection Currents and Lava Lamps: 55 minutes

 Calculating Block Density lab: 55 minutes

Earthquake Resistant Structure: 100 minutes 

Total Time: 320 minutes

4. Energy Powering LIfe

Energy Lab Stations: 100 minutes

Rube Goldberg Machine: 100 minutes

Total Time: 200 minutes

5. You Are What You Eat:

Nutrition label lab: 55 minutes

Calorimetry Lab: 100 minutes

Cell Respiration and Yeast Lab: 100 minutes

Total time:  255 minutes

6. Stayin’ Alive

DNA extraction: 100 minutes

Translation and Folding Proteins: 100 minutes

Homeostasis and Heart Rates: 100 minutes

Body systems and Mouse Dissection Lab: 100 minutes

Total time: 400 minutes


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