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Science Academy 1



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Advancements in science and technology are changing the way welive. In order to meet the growing demand for scientifically literategraduates; the state and nation have created a new model for scienceeducation: ?All Students; All Science?. The Science Academy atPRHS will engage students in all four disciplines of science (Earth;Biology; Chemistry; and Physics) in 3 consecutive courses. InScience Academy 1; students will be engaged in lessons that rangefrom the chemistry inside our bodies to studying distant stars andexoplanets. Engineering challenges require students to design andbuild solar efficient model homes the goal of this course to allowstudents to interact with science and to catch the excitement this fieldhas to offer.

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United States

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Paso Robles

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Paso Robles High School

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801 Niblick Road

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Lab Science

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Online / Virtual