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The final year of integrated science at PRHS will engage students inall four disciplines of science (Earth; Biology; Chemistry; andPhysics) as outlined in new federal and state guidelines. In ScienceAcademy 3; students will be engaged in lessons that range frominvestigating geologic evidence of dinosaurs to the physics of a carcrash; how our digital world functions to space travel and advancedtopics in ecology. The goal of this course to allow students to interactwith science and to catch the excitement of STEM fields. Aftercompleting this course (or concurrently with this course); all upperlevel science classes are available for students who are interested.HONORS ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY (COURSE CODE:305103)Grade: 11/12College Entrance: UC/CSU (d)PRHS Requirement: Life SciencePrerequisite: Grade of "C" or better in Accelerated ScienceAcademy 2 or concurrent enrollment in Science Academy 3.Do you want to be a doctor? How about working in the medical fieldas an EMT; nurse; or athletic trainer? This rigorous science course isdesigned to prepare PRHS students for success in their first year oflife science courses as a pre-med student. We start with explorationsof how biomolecules make up the cells in our bodies; to the tissuesthat make up the organs; and finally the organ systems that make uswork. Extra emphasis is placed on the skeletal system; reproductivesystem; nervous system; and muscular system. Hands-on learning isa priority in this Lab Science and animal dissections (cats) are a vitalpart of the curriculum. Students interested in health-relatedprofessions will find this course valuable for their educational andcareer pursuits.ADVANCED PLACEMENT BIOLOGY (COURSE CODE:310121)Grade: 11/12College Entrance: UC/CSU A-G (d)PRHS Requirement: Life ScienceSummer assignments (approx. 40 hours)Prerequisite: Grade of "C" or better in HonorsScience Academy 2 or concurrent enrollment in Science Academy 3.Have you ever wondered why there is no cure for cancer? Whatexactly is a Genetically Modified Organism? How do forensicscientists use DNA to solve crimes? What explains the diversity oflife on Earth and how are humans affecting it? As we embark uponthe age of biology; you will gain a strong foundation of the manymind-blowing things unique to our living world. From the molecularlevel of a DNA strand to interactions of ecosystems; AP Biology is acourse that is much like a college-level tour of the many disciplinesin biology. Ideal for students that have a curiosity of our naturalworld; medical discovery; biotechnology; and the fluid nature ofscience.MARINE BIOLOGY (COURSE CODE: 310201)Grade: 11/12College Entrance: UC/CSU A-G (d)PRHS Requirement: Life SciencePrerequisite: Grade of ?C? or better in HonorsScience Academy 1 and 2 or concurrent enrollment in ScienceAcademy 3.What does a Marine Biologist do? Is it true we know more about thesurface of the moon than our own oceans? This rigorous; upper levelscience course is designed to give PRHS students a chance to explore49the exciting marine world. We begin with Physical Oceanography;learning about the challenges of living in the sea (salinity; pressure;dissolved oxygen; etc.) We next move into exploration of the majorphyla of invertebrates (animals without backbones). From there wemove into ecosystems in the ocean and how the world?s oceans arechanging along with the climate. Our studies will include videos;guest speakers; labs; models; and dissections. One emphasis in thiscourse will be on scientific research. All Marine Biology studentswill be required to research a scientific question of their choosing.They will design their experiments; go out in the field to collect theirdata; analyze the results and present their findings to their peers andcommunity. Students interested in a STEM major in college will findthis course valuable for their educational and career pursuits.

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