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Pre-Algebra with a C or higher

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Science; technology; engineering; art; and mathematics (STEAM) is embedded within all fields of study. Students will be intellectually challenged; learn to effectively problem solve and discover unique solutions given these different areas of study. The content covered within this course includes:

  • The evolution of STEAM
  • Physical Science concepts (kinematics; forces; electricity; etc.) through studying simple machines to complex robotic designs
  • Engineering design process
  • Basic programing concepts; using scratch and python
  • Basic Chemistry concepts (structure of an atom; simple compounds etc.)

Students will discuss; confer; and debate with classmates to explain a phenomenon investigated in class. By the end of this course students will have strengthened their critical thinking and reasoning skills through inquiry-based learning.

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United States

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5522 Side Road

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Lab Science

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In order to be reviewed as a laboratory science; we will need a list of physical laboratory experiments completed for this course and number of hours students spend doing laboratory assignments each week.

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