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Tech Business Communications 2 or Tech Bus Com 2


Tech Business Communications 1 or Tech Bus Com 1

Course description

Business Communication 1 with a C or higher

This course builds on concepts and objectives introduced in Technical Business Communication.† Students will learn to develop more complex; extensive real-world business documents(e.g.; external request for proposal) employing the full writing process and develop more extensive and more complex business-related projects with supporting business documentation (executive board presentations).† The course will extend and deepen the rigor in the formatting and content development for reports.† The activities will afford more focus to project-based collaborative assignments in analyzing business problems; recognizing opportunities for solving problems and developing innovative approaches for keeping the business competitive.† This course fulfills the UC/CSU ?b? English requirement. This course may also be used to fulfill the 12th grade English requirement.†

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United States

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1090 S. Central Parkway

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  • ENGL
  • 4 years of English

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