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Electronic Journalism



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Students learn the fundamentals of fiction and non-fiction digital storytelling; follow a professional workflow of pre-production; production and post-production; produce storyboards; scripts; narration; and sound tracks with Adobe Suite and Apple Studio applications. Projects require students to conduct work beyond the classroom for events and community projects. Students create web based; broadcast promotional; public service and fine arts productions. Students showcase products in film festivals; on-line competitions and develop leadership skills in Career and Technical Student organizations. Portfolio products are evaluated based on industry standards. Students self and peer evaluate; fostering self-reflection; analysis; and evaluation from a contemporary; ethical; historical and cultural perspective. All students are expected to meet incremental deadlines; attain industry recognized certifications and complete end of program assessments.

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United States

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1010 E 10th St.

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Fine Arts

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Not a visual or performing art

Online / Virtual