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Photo 3-4


Photo 1-2

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This class is designed to address a more comprehensive application of concepts and techniques addressed at the introductory level. Students will expand their understanding of fundamental skills while refining personal style and professionalism. Greater independence will be afforded to Intermediate students; as they will be able to design some of their own projects and will begin to focus more specifically on genres and styles within photography.
Grade Level 10-12
Entrance Requirements Grade of B or better in Photography 1 -2 and Qualify on Placement Rubric
Digital single lens reflex camera (D-SLR) with manual function capability must be provided by the student. Examples of acceptable cameras include a Canon EOS Rebel models; Nikon D-series models; Olympus E-series models and the like. Also required: a memory card for camera and an external memory device; at least 2 gig size (4 gig recommended)

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United States

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Horizon Honors High

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16233 S 48th Street

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  • FIAR
  • 1 year of Fine Art

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Online / Virtual