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Film & TV



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These courses introduce and cover beginning to advanced theories of composition; analysis and criticism. Information on careers; job applications; interviewing; equipment; lighting; audio; video; television; computer generated graphics; techniques and production skills will be provided in this course. Students will learn and understand the history and theories of artistic and technological expression in diverse cultures; as well as the effect of cultural influences on films and video historically. Students will create projects with an emphasis on narrative techniques; cinematography and aesthetic foundations of composition.

Each project will emphasize the pre-production phase. The process of script development; examining a project from the initial idea and tracking its progress through to the completed screenplay ready for production. Creating compositions with the intention of applying themes and artistic expression in the form of storyboards; and purposeful composition.Students will analyze; evaluate; and write for broadcast in television and film.

Students will learn and utilize elements of analysis; interpretation; and evaluation in preparing their work for competitions and film festivals. Students will analyze films and identify underlying themes and literary metaphors. Regular screenings and critiques in a positive learning environment take place at least once every two weeks.All projects given in class will be modeled after industry projects and have a fine arts emphasis on filmmaking.

Students enrolled in this class will have opportunities to travel and compete in video production competitions across the state as well as be members in our SkillsUSA CTSO chapter.

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United States

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350 W. Sahuarita Rd.

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Fine Arts

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  • FIAR
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