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Film as Literature


English 3

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Below is a statement forwarded to me by our English department chair. One of the instructors of this course provided him with this letter which I am forwarding on to you.

To Whom It May Concern:

Film as Literature is a senior level course that focuses on the analysis and interpretation of film rather than the more traditional texts. Within the course; students are required to write a great deal. Similar to any other senior level English course; we ask students to analyze text (in this case film) in order to develop a claim that can both be argued and defended in writing. Just as students search for textual evidence within a novel to support their claim; we find our evidence in film in order to prove and solidify the validity of our arguments. By analyzing film as text; our students learn that visual media can provide us with just as much depth and meaning as the printed word.

Within the one semester class; students are asked to write for a variety of reasons. Students are asked to write arguments in which they support their opinions with evidence found in multiple texts. For example; students are required to argue the validity of the conflict demonstrated within the teen film genre. In addition to finding textual evidence to act as support; students are required to utilize outside research in the form of professional film reviews in order to further prove the validity of their claims. Another type of writing required of students within Film as Literature is script writing. Students are asked to create a student generated short film as one of the culminating activities for the course. This process begins by learning the process of writing a script that will eventually come to life on screen. In addition to argumentation and script writing; students are also asked to journal on a wide variety of topics within the film world. Topics include: roles for minority populations in Hollywood; the impact of violence in media on society and the lack of original material being produced in the last decade.

Film as Literature is a course in which we study film in lieu of the traditional fiction / non-fiction texts found in other courses. However; the same skills that are being emphasized in more traditional courses are being mastered in Film as Literature as well. Students are reading; interpreting and writing for a variety of purposes. The focus of this; and every course at Naperville Central High School; is to prepare students for college level rigor; to instill in them a desire to be a community contributor and to live as a life-long learner. I sincerely hope that this explanation is helpful as you consider countless Naperville Central graduates as candidates into your fine institution of higher learning.


Adam Freed
Communication Arts Department
Naperville Central High School

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