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Live Theatre Performance and Productions 1-2 and/or instructor approval; selection through the audition process

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Course Description-

This course is designed and offered in partnership with Fountain Hills Theater; a non-profit community organization dedicated to providing live; quality theatre experiences and performing arts education to the community. This is the intermediate-level course for the three-year sequence of our Live Theatre Performance and Productions program. In this course; students further develop their performance skills related to stage movement; vocal training; and characterization. Students will experience increased emphasis on understanding the actor's relationship with all parts of a production.

Students will learn how to create a believable character; develop a deeper understanding of their role through scene study work; learn to take stage direction and learn how to be a positive and contributing member of this collaborative art form. Students will learn more about the various production aspects of the show; such as set building and painting; setting lights; costuming; properties design; and hair and make-up.

To earn a fine arts credit in this course; students must be selected through the audition process and participate as an actor in a minimum of one live theatrical production at Fountain Hills Theater. This class meets outside of the regular school day and the majority of the coursework is incorporated through learning; preparing; rehearsing; and performing in all scheduled and required Fountain Hills Theater performances of the selected production.


This course addresses these Arizona Theatre Standards for high school grades 9-12:

Anchor Standard #1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
TH.CR.1.HS1a: Investigate historical and cultural conventions and their impact on the visual composition of a theatrical work.
TH.CR.1.HS1b: Implement design solutions for a theatrical work.
TH.CR.1.HS1c: Use personal experiences and background knowledge to develop a character that is believable and authentic in a theatrical work.

Anchor Standard #2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
TH.CR.2.HS1a: Refine a dramatic concept to demonstrate a critical understanding of historical and cultural influences of original ideas applied to a theatrical work.
TH.CR.2.HS1b: Cooperate as a creative team to make interpretive choices for a theatrical work.

Anchor Standard #3: Refine and complete artistic work.
TH.CR.3.HS1a: Analyze and critique the dramatic concept of a devised or scripted theatrical work.
TH.CR.3.HS1b: Conceptualize and construct technical design choices to enhance the story and emotional impact of a devised or scripted theatrical work. (e.g. lighting; sound; scenery; props; costumes; makeup)
TH.CR.3.HS1c: Research and analyze scripts to revise physical; vocal; and psychological choices which impact the believability and relevance of a theatrical work.

Anchor Standard #4: Select; analyze and interpret artistic work for performance.
TH.PR.4.HS1a: Analyze unique choices and create believable sustainable characters theatrical work.
TH.PR.4.HS1b: Identify essential text information; research from various sources; and the director's concept that influence character choices in a theatrical work.

Anchor Standard #5: Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.
TH.PR.5.HS1a: Refine a range of acting skills to build a believable and sustainable theatrical work.
TH.PR.5.HS1b: Interpret and apply contractual royalties to secure rights for a theatrical work

Anchor Standard #6: Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.
TH.PR.6.HS1: Present a theatrical work using creative processes that shape the production for a specific audience.

Anchor Standard #7: Perceive and analyze artistic work.
TH.RE.7.HS1a: Demonstrate an understanding of multiple interpretations of artistic criteria and how each might be used to influence future artistic choices of a theatrical work.

Anchor Standard #8: Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.
TH.RE.8.HS1a: Defend character choices when participating in or observing a theatrical work.
TH.RE.8.HS1b: Apply concepts from a theatrical work for personal realization about cultural perspectives and understanding.
TH.RE.8.HS1c: Provide multiple aesthetics; preferences; and beliefs through participation in and observation of theatrical work.

Anchor Standard #9: Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work.
TH.RE.9.HS1a: Analyze and assess a theatrical work by connecting it to art forms; history; culture; and other disciplines using supporting evidence and criteria.
TH.RE.9.HS1b: Construct meaning in a theatrical work; taking into consideration; personal aesthetics and knowledge of production elements while respecting others' interpretations.
TH.RE.9.HS1c: Justify how a theatrical work communicates a specific purpose for an audience.

Anchor Standard #10: Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experience to make art.
TH.CN.10.HS1a: Choose and interpret a theatrical work to reflect or question personal beliefs.
TH.CN.10.HS1b: Integrate conventions and knowledge from different art forms and other disciplines to develop a cross-cultural theatrical work.

Anchor Standard #11: Relate artistic ideas and works with societal; cultural; and historical context to deepen understanding.
TH.CN.11.HS1a: Formulate creative choices for a devised or scripted theatrical work based on research about the selected topic.
TH.CN.11.HS1b: Explore and document how personal beliefs and biases can affect the interpretation of research data applied to theatrical work.


Grading will be on Credit/No Credit basis. Participants will earn credit by meeting all requirements; commitments; and obligations to the production and by demonstrating proficiency in the Arizona Theatre Standards for high school at the Accomplished level.

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