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Algebra 1 and Geometry

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The goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of how money is a tool and its use must be planned carefully in order to achieve life goals. Generally; students will explore the various ways in which money is made; spent and invested. Specifically; students will create financial goals; construct a budget; and actively research and experience the workings of a variety of financial tools and products: budgets; checking accounts; savings accounts; taxes; insurance; credit cards; loans; interest payments; investing; IRA's; stocks and bonds; and the power of compound interest. Students will complete a unit on the importance of probability and statistics in decision making in real life situations. Students will engage with the material by: participating in classroom discussions; reading the textbook; and researching financial products outside of class. Instruction will be supplemented with lectures and presentations from various financial professionals. (Pre-requisites: Algebra 1 & Geometry)

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United States

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Metropolitan Arts Institute

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1700 N 7th Ave

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