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READ 180 is a research-based reading intervention course designed for students whose reading achievement is below the proficient level. This course directly addresses the individual learning needs of the student through a variety of methods to improve reading and skills; utilizing components of the Read 180 curriculum. Students are placed in Intermediate READ 180 based on District English/Language Arts assessments in reading for their perspective grade level and/or Lexile score. Students remain in the course for an entire school year. Intermediate Reading is aligned with the tiers of the Response to Intervention model. Students will receive 1.0 credit in Electives upon completion of this two semester course (0.5 credit each semester).

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1481 N. Eliseo Felix Jr. Way

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This course does not appear to be at course level and does not contain literary analysis/writing assignments. In order for this course to be re-reviewed; details on writing/literary assignments must be submitted. If would like to be re-reviewed; please please provide provide descriptive information about those assignments in description.

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