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Algebra II

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Students need to be informed about their financial responsibilities today and to prepare for the real choices ahead. In this course they will learn about career decisions; money management; financial security; credit management; resource management; risk management; and consumer rights and responsibilities. Students will learn budgeting; taxation; insurance; real estate; retirement planning; and the effective and efficient use of credit. The implementation of the ideas; concepts; and skills contained in this course will enable students to implement those decision-making skills they must apply and use to become wise and knowledgeable consumers; savers; investors; users of credit; money managers; citizens; and members of a global workforce and society. This course will satisfy the AFUHSD graduation requirements for graduation; HOWEVER; this course does NOT meet the entrance requirements for Arizona colleges and universities. Prerequisite: Algebra II.

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United States

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1481 N. Eliseo Felix Jr. Way

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Does not meet competency requirements for Advanced Math; focused on personal financial responsibilities instead of advanced math.

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