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Study Skills
Study Skills is a structured block for students to practice skills; develop learning strategies; and get extra support in subject areas that are challenging for them. We will focus on executive function; including time management; organization; goal-setting; planning; and prioritizing; as well as study strategies; writing; reading; and math skills; self-advocacy; mindfulness; and growth mindset. In addition to these skills; students will work in small groups and independently to complete assignments from content-area classes; with one-on-one teacher support; as needed. By the end of the course; students will be able to reflect on their own learning; determine how they learn best; and apply strategies to increase their understanding across the curriculum.
Students will demonstrate growth in their ability to complete work independently; apply strategies and utilize tools appropriately; and address challenges throughout their days.

• Goal-Setting
• Organization; Planning; Time Management; and Prioritizing
• Self-Advocacy
• Study Skills
• Growth Mindset
• Writing Skills and Strategies
• Reading Strategies
• Math Strategies
• Mindfulness and Stress Management

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United States

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Phoenix Collegeegiate Academy High

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4445 S. 12th St.

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Course does not relate specifically to any core area.

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